Facade Anti-green

Facade Anti-green

Product Description

Concentrated cleaning agent for removal of fouling on all external surfaces.
  • Efficient removal of fouling


For exterior use on facades, masonry, woodwork, roof tiles, glass, plastic,
To be used at +5 °C. Please notice that if the product is used at e.g. +20 °C the efficiency will increase and the wating time will shorten correspondingly.


Cleaning before painting
Remove dirt and impurities with Flügger Facade Clean. Follow the instructions indicated on the packaging. Then apply Flügger Facade Anti-green and let dry.
The surface is now ready to be painted.
Cleaning without subsequent painting
Apply by low-pressure sprayer, paint brush or brush until saturation of the substrate is achieved. After 1-4 days, depending on the degree of the growth, remove the residues with a stiff brush and water.
If the substrate withstands cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, you can also remove the residues this way.
Preventing cleaning
Flügger Façade Anti-green is very suitable as preventive protection against fouling. Apply and let dry without washing off.

Storage: Cool, frost-free and tightly closed

Technical Data

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