Natural Wood Cleaner

Natural Wood Cleaner

Flügger Natural Wood products are intended for the care and maintenance of indoor natural wood. Revitalises and protects while maintaining the structure of the wood and keeping the grain visible.

Product Description

Cleaning agent for natural wood. Removes grease, soap, wax and dirt before further treatment and maintenance.
  • Removes grease, soap, wax and dirt
  • Prepare the surface effectively before treatment
  • For use in interiors


Cleaning of untreated, lye-treated, soap-treated oiled or varnished surfaces such as furniture, countertops and floors.
For all types of wood before treatment with lye, soap, oil or varnish.


Must be clean, dry, firm and suitable for surface treatment.
The surface must be able to withstand water and alkalines, pH 10.5.


Mix 1 part Flügger Natural Wood Cleaner with 20 parts warm water, but for varnished surfaces 1 part to 40 parts water.
Wash the surface and let the mixture work for 5 minutes before wiping off with clean water.
Repeat the treatment if the surface is extremely dirty.
The surface must be completely dry before subsequent treatment.


Mop, floor scrub or cloth.
Always wash along the length of the wood.
Treat cleaned surfaces with lye, soap, oil or varnish.


Uniformly cleaned surface free of grease, soap, wax and dirt.

Be Aware

Flügger Natural Wood Cleaner can etch glass and attack metals.
So make sure to cover surroundings to protect against splashing.

Environmental information

Storage of unopened/opened packages: Cool, frost-free, and tightly closed.
Protective equipment for: Spray painting: Overalls, full-face mask with combined filter. Brush/roller application: Safety goggles and gloves. Sanding: Respiratory protection.
Environmental information: Remove as much paint as possible from brushes before washing them in water. Do not pour residue/remains of paint down the drain, take it to your local recycling centre. Minimise your paint waste by calculating how much paint you need in advance. Store leftover paint properly so the remains can be reused, which minimises the environmental impact.

Storage: Cool, frost free and tightly closed

Technical Data

Density (kg/liter)
1,04 kg/liter
Weight %
Volume %
Nominal spreading rate (m2/l)
Workable temperature
Min. +15°C
Dry to touch at 20°C, 60% RF (Hours)

Current TDS Version

januar 2019