Fluren 19 Hand Cleaner Cloth

Fluren 19 Hand Cleaner Cloth

Product Description

Flügger Fluren 19 Hand Cleaner. By means of an abrasive (plastic powder) it is suitable for removal of dried up emulsion paint as well as heavy dirt on the skin. The product also contains vegetable oils and soaps, non-ionic surface active agents and white pigment, antioxidant, preservative and salts. Comes also as wet tissues.
  • Removes dried-up paint
  • Removes vigorous dirt


Suitable for removal of dried up emulsion paint and dirt on the skin.
Moisten the hands. Rub and massage the hands with the hand cleaner. Add some more water and wash the hands and care them with hand cream.
Wet tissues: Open the lid and pull the wet tissue out of the container diagonally, so the corner of the next tissue comes up. The lid must be closed after use in order to prevent the tissues from drying out.

Technical Data

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Current TDS Version

januar 2020

Replaces TDS Version

januar 2017