Iso 10

Iso 10

Product Description

  • Flügger Iso 10 matt wall paint.
  • Matt surface with distinct gloss.
  • Recommended for premises with high functional requirements, that are exposed to some dirt and wear and tear.
  • Withstands cleaning including spot cleaning with soft brush, water and cloth.

Unique Features

Environmental Information

Protection equipment for: Painting: eye protection, gloves. Sanding: respiratory protection.
Environment information: Clean off the paint from tools and wash them with water. Bring remains of fluent paint to the local recycling centre. Minimize your paint waste by pre-estimating how much paint you need. Keep the leftover paint for future use so you can effectively reduce the environmental impact.


  • Ceilings and walls in living rooms / common rooms, hall areas / corridors, entrance areas, offices, kitchens, washrooms, commercial premises, institutions, clinics, light industrial premises, retail shops, kitchens in institutions, stairways and stairwells.
Nominal spreading rate (m2/l)


Must be clean, dry and suitable for painting.


  • Remove loose material and paint by sanding and cleaning.
  • Remove dirt, grime, grease and chalking materials by cleaning.
  • Hard, smooth surfaces should be sanded matt and painted with primer as required.
  • Cracks, unevenness and holes must be spackled.
  • Absorbent and porous substrates must be primed or painted with primer as required.
  • Apply 1-2 times. Some colours require an extra treatment.
Class 1


  • Brush or roller.
  • Decide your choice of tool/utensil depending on the finish
  • Apply wet on wet and finish by brushing/rolling in the same direction
  • Always use the same batch number on contiguous/unbroken surfaces
  • Differences in surface structure can result in colour deviation
  • Cold/heat can affect the viscosity of the material
  • Condensation must be prevented during drying/curing
  • Cold and increased humidity extends drying time, full curing and recoat interval
  • Increased temperature and low atmospheric humidity reduce drying time and full curing
  • Always perform a test treatment for a check and acceptance of adhesion and result



Dry to touch at 20°C, 60% RF (Hours)
Recoatable at 20c, 60% RF (Hours)
Fully cured at 20c, 60% RF (Days)

Cool, frost free and tightly closed

Cleaning of Tools etc.
Brush Cleaner

Be Aware

  • Exercise care in loading the surface until the paint is fully cured.
  • The blocking effect is reduced if the product is tinted.

Technical Data

Density (kg/liter)
Weight %
Volume %