Spray Stain Sealer

Spray Stain Sealer

Product Description

Flügger Spray Stain Sealer is a quick-drying solvent-based blocking acrylic paint on spray.
  • White pigmented
  • Blocks perfectly against strike-through from tarry soot
  • May be treated after 15 minutes


Suitable on walls and ceilings for effective isolation of colour penetration
from tarry soot and stains from moisture, nicotine, rust and soot as well as
strokes from marker pens or other stains. Used also on small areas of wood
for isolating e.g. pen highlights etc..
After the treatment the stain has been sealed to prevent it from penetrating
finishing treatment with ceiling or wall paint.
The substrate must be clean, dry, solid and suitable for painting and free
from grease, oil, wax and soap residues.
Shake the can well and thoroughly for at least one minute. The ball has to
move freely in the can (well heard).
Spray in a uniform, thin layer on the stains that should be sealed. Let it dry
between each layer. Repeat the treatment until the stains have been complete-
ly sealed. Spraying distance should be 35-40 cm.
After use, turn the can upside down and press the valve, until pure carrier
gas comes out. Thus the valve system is cleaned.
After drying, wallpaper can be hung or the wall can be painted with wall or
or ceiling paint.

Technical Data

Priming paint
Semi Matte
Density (kg/liter)
Weight %
Volume %
Nominal spreading rate (m2/l)

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