Structure 1 ½

Structure 1 ½

Product Description

Type: Acrylic dispersion structure paint. Flügger Structure 1 ½ is a coarse-grained structure paint with good application properties. Structure paint provides a coarse-grained and rustic white surface, which is elastic and washable. Decorative effect - from fine to very coarse structure - depending on degree of dilution or use of tools.


Suitable for treatment and structuration of walls and ceilings. Covers minor
cracks in the ground.
The surface must be clean, dry, solid, and suitable for painting. Cleaning
before treatment should be made with Fluren 37, Basic Cleaner.
Slightly chalking or absorbent surfaces should be primed with Flügger Sealer.
Finest structure is obtained with a wide brush or short-piled roller. Coarse
to very coarse structure is obtained with long-piled roller or coarse-pored
foam roller. Effect structure can be achieved with putty knife, dabbing with
paint brushes, brushes or the like.
Can be applied in a layer up to 5 mm.
Should be painted with Flutex 10/20 or Dekso 5/25.

Storage: Cool, frost-free and tightly closed

Technical Data

Acrylic paint
2, Matte
Density (kg/liter)
Weight %
Volume %
Nominal spreading rate (m2/l)
Workable temperature
Min. +5°C
Dry to touch at 20°C, 60% RF (Hours)
Fully cured at 20c, 60% RF (Days)
Water, normally used undiluted
Cleaning of Tools etc.

Current TDS Version

september 2010

Replaces TDS Version

januar 2009